Are you burnt out & tired of putting your health and happiness on the back burner?

Hey Lady love! I’m Amanda.

A Health Coach, Wifey, Goofball, Dog Lover & Yoga pants obsessed gal living in Chicago with big dreams and a huge heart.

I help over-achieving go-getters with emotional eating tendencies aka women just like me learn how to have a positive relationship with food, find JOY in the everyday & love themselves from the inside out.

It has taken me many years to get here, but I have finally learned how to love myself.

Bad days, good days, I have realized that I am human and that instead of fighting against my humanity, I should embrace it. I've learned that life is all about balance & self love.



I love working with women just like you. 


This is how I work with clients and WHY:


I found my Strength. My Vibrancy. My Joy.

And that’s what I can help you do.