Top Three Podcasts for Self-Love & General Badass-ery



Cat's out of the bag. I've got a confession to make....  I am a Podcast Junkie. 

I know, I know. I'm late to the podcast train. I'm sure all of you are thinking, seriously Amanda? You're just now understanding the awesomeness that is a podcast? (And if you're not thinking these things, then PREPARE FOR YOUR LIFE TO BE FOREVER CHANGED AFTER READING THIS). Well, in short. Yes. Yes I am just discovering this. And let me tell you, in the past month of being exposed to this art form, my life has changed in incredible ways. 

Now I know you're thinking...but there are so many options out there!!! How in God's name am I going to sift through all of the shit to find the hidden treasure?!!?!?!?! First off, take a deep breath, it's gonna be okay. You've come to the right place. Because chances are, if you're reading this (and have been reading my previous blog posts), you know that I'm all about authenticityself-love and being a general badass. Sound like you too? Then man oh man do I have some podcasts for you. This shit is incredible. So get ready for these to Rock. Your. World.

Here they are folks... Hold onto your hats.


1. The Joy Junkie

Amy E. Smith runs this podcast, with the help of her co-host, Mr. Smith (her down to earth and incredibly goofy hubby). She is a certified life coach and former actor who is unapologetically herself, which is probably why I love listening to her so much. She focuses her podcasts on positive self-talklearning how to love yourself, and how to be authentically YOU. She's sassy. She's confident. She's hilarious. She's REAL. Basically, I'm obsessed with her and I feel like she's speaking directly to me in every single episode. Chances are, you will too.

Who Would Click with This?

Women who aren't afraid to stand up for themselves. Anyone who finds dirty jokes amusing. Women searching to "find their voice". Actors. Anyone looking to live a badass joy-filled life.

Listen To

+How to Stop Talking Shit to Yourself

+ Becoming Badass: 5 Ways to Stand the Fuck Up For Yourself

2. Your Kick-Ass Life with Andrea Owen

Holy shit do I love this lady. Andrea Owen is a 40-something year old mom with two kids who has been through a lot in her life & she isn't afraid to share everything and anything with her listeners. She's honest & she's incredibly passionate about living life without apologizing for who she is. I actually discovered Amy E. Smith of The Joy Junkie by listening to Your Kick-Ass Life because guess what? They're best friends (and they only came into each others lives when they both started living authentically as themselves instead of living a life focused on constantly pleasing others and forming into the "average mold" that society has trained us to fall into). She's an award winning author and just a beautiful spirit who has been through hell and back again. It's so encouraging to hear that no matter where you are in life, living authentically is possible.

Who Would Click with This?

Perfectionists. Moms. Anyone who deals with anxiety. People who love a good laugh. Women who are afraid to live the life they were meant to live. 

Listen To

+How To Be A Badass

+What Perfectionism and a Shit Sandwich Have in Common

+You Are Enough

3. The Lively Show

I don't know how I just discovered Jess Lively but I am so glad that I did. She's this adorable Midwestern girl that is all about living life with valued based intentions & listening to her is an absolute delight. Every Thursday I have a date with her podcast & it has quickly become a weekly staple of mine. She always has such incredible people on her show to interview and I find myself nodding my head along with every episode and screaming "Yes!" to so much of what is being said. I just CLICK with her content and I love how much she mixes things up and appeals to such a diverse network of topics. Check her out - you won't be disappointed.

Who Would Click with This?

Anyone wanting to start a new business/small business owners, Creative people, Couples, Bloggers, Foodies.

Listen To

+Curiosity, Epic Self-Compassion, & Creativity

+How To Eat Intuitively During the Holidays

I hope these bring as much joy to your life as they have brought to mine. I encourage you to really listen and absorb what these women have to say. You'll be amazed at what bringing this form of thought into your life will do to increase the positivity and joy in your day to day life.


You still here...? What're you waiting for? Get your podcast ON!