Transformation Tuesday: Meet Missy!

I am so thrilled to be sharing with you another Transformation story from my Live Your F*ck YES Life Challenge! Missy and I both live in Chicago and we officially met about six months ago. I immediately LOVED her energy and knew we would get along famously -- I mean, when a girl has you laughing so hard you snort after 5 minutes of meeting her, you know it was meant to be ;) 

Missy is an actor, voice teacher and truly one of the most determined women I've ever known. She doesn't settle, she is committed to becoming the woman she wants to be and watching her shift before my eyes has been so gorgeous to watch.

Missy was and is continuing to be a ROCKSTAR challenger and had such awesome results from doing the 21 Day Fix, both physically AND mentally, and I can't wait for you guys to get to know her a little better & share in her INCREDIBLE success!

Meet Missy!

1) How did you feel before you decided to commit to the Live Your F*ck YES Life Challenge?

I felt "just okay" before I started the challenge. Not too shabby, but not exhilarated either. Diet Coke addict, never felt like I got enough sleep, headaches often. I had made enough changes up to this point in my life to where I wasn't an all out food monster & was active occasionally, when I had a spurt of energy. But I always know when I'm really not feeling good about myself when I notice I'm untagging every picture being posted of me on social media because I don't recognize that person. I wanted to be done yo-yo dieting & figure out a way to consistently take care of myself.

2) How do you feel now?

Now I feel like I've made some super positive changes that were hard work!! I feel like every day I'm working on the best me. I look in the mirror and I see progress. I'm free of a Diet Coke addiction. I rarely get headaches. I go to auditions not shying away from my body, but feeling grounded and self assured because I'm offering the best version of me I have to give right now. 

3) What struggles or challenges have you overcome?

Every day has its struggles. I don't know that I will ever just love working out, but I do love the results. I may have to always talk myself into my daily workout and I am more than okay with that. The great thing about 21 Day Fix is its only 30 minutes and you're DONE. The other struggle is my crazy schedule: I'm an actor & voice teacher/coach with multiple side gigs, so my schedule is never the same. Meal planning and prep changed my world. I'm spending less money on food and eating way better.

4) How do you keep yourself motivated on your own health and fitness journey?

For me it's about thinking of tomorrow or next week or the end of the month. Do I want to look back with regret or with pride in what I chose to do for myself? Do I want to watch my weight go up again, back into nothing but stretchy clothes? Or do I want to hop out of bed excited to get ready face the day? Making it truly about ME and what I WANT instead of what I thought others wanted me to look like changed my approach. 

5) Favorite workout?

Right now I LOVE Upper & Lower Fix from the 21 Day Fix because of the results I'm seeing from the weight training. I'm also a fan of Pilates! 

6) Favorite healthy food?

There are seriously so many. First off: literally any food can be healthy, you just have to put thought into it. As a sucker for Mexican food, I've been making these delicious black bean bowls that have been rocking my world. 

7) What advice would you give someone who’s just starting out on her health and fitness journey?

I would say SLOW DOWN. The hardest thing of all is taking this journey one day at a time, but that is the only way to do it. I know many times we get done with a week of being on track, don't see huge results, and ask "why am I not skinny yet? is it worth it?"...I'm telling you it IS worth it. As I tell my voice students, Process Oriented is greater than Goal Oriented. If you're down for the process, you will see results beyond your wildest dreams AND in the meantime you'll be kinder to your body. Also don't forget to have some chocolate and wine once or twice a week for your sanity :)

Looking to get a jumpstart on your health & fitness journey? Crave results that STICK? Missy is living proof of what is POSSIBLE and you could feel as amazing as she does too! All you gotta do is decide you're worth it and give the Live Your F*ck YES Life Challenge a try ;)

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