How I Lost 5 Pounds in One Month By Out-Eating My Husband

For the past month, I have been consistently out-eating my husband. My plate always has more food on it than his, and while he can't finish what's on his, you can bet your ass that I am licking my plate clean. Kev, my husband, looks at me with a face of complete shock because not only is he seeing me eating all of this food (wayyyy more than I normally would be eating on a day to day basis), he is also seeing my clothes getting looser on me.

Wanna know why he's so shocked?

Because here's a girl who, up until very recently, wouldn't eat carbs for dinner unless it was a 'special occasion'. A girl who consistently was eating about HALF of what was on his plate for dinner. A girl who thought that by eating LESS, she would FEEL better. Look better. That restricting my diet would be the KEY to getting toned, losing weight...being healthy.

Boy was I wrong. In the past month, I have been eating more on a day to day basis than I have in years and for the first time since I can remember, I finally not only LOOK the way that I've always wanted to look, but I FEEL energized, strong and -- shocker! -- FULL. 

By upping my food consumption & working out less, I was able to lose 5 pounds and 11 inches in just ONE MONTH, all the while never feeling hungry. And not just that, but I finally feel like I have found something that I can STICK WITH. A lifestyle that is SUSTAINABLE. 

I owe all of this to the 21 Day Fix. This program has changed my life. Has made me understand how to properly FUEL my body. 

Was I killing myself every day at the gym for hours on end?

NO. I worked out for no more than 30 minutes every day. That's it.

Was I not having ANY alcohol or treats?

NO. I definitely limited my alcohol and treat consumption but there are treats and wine built into the nutrition plan!

Was your food really boring?

HELL NO. You guys, I freaking love food. Good food. Tasty food. And I am ALL about cooking up a storm in the kitchen. That was my favorite thing about this program -- the options are ENDLESS! Check it out...

A Typical Food Day 


Now obviously this is just an example of the meals that I eat on a typical day now -- I like to keep my options varied, and what I love so much about this plan is that it's EASY to keep things fresh!

Breakfast: Cooked oats, a granny smith apple, 1 tsp peanut butter, cinnamon

Snack: Shakeology special ;) Message me for the recipe! It's HEAVEN.

Lunch: Asian marinated tofu with sauteed broccoli

Snack: Carrots, tuna and hummus

Dinner: Steak, Potato and Artichoke hash and green beans


And Guess what...It Worked.


And here are the pictures to prove it. 21 Days apart -- Before and Now.

I am so grateful that I took the leap of faith, invested in Myself and tried this program. It has made me finally FEEL the way I've always wanted to.

Strong. Confident. In Control. 

And I want to help YOU feel that way too. To finally lose those last pesky 5 pounds. To have a healthy relationship with food. To not spend your days counting down until the next meal because you're so hungry. 

Want IN?

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Xo Amanda