Transformation Tuesday: Meet Elle!

I am so thrilled to be sharing with you another Transformation story from my Bootcamps! Elle and I are both Chicago gals and when I met her for the first time over a year ago, I just KNEW that she and I would be fast friends :) I mean, really -- a romance novel enthusiast, podcast listener, knitter, wine lover, gal who doesn't take life too seriously? Yup, we were gonna get along famously. 

Originally from Minnesota (that's pretty much Canada, right?! ** I kid, I kid..obviously I know it's not Canada -- I'm from there!**), Elle is passionate about living a balanced life, relishing in the little moments, and adventuring around with her adorable fiance Zach and their fur family!

Elle was such a ROCKSTAR challenger and had such awesome results from doing the 21 Day Fix, both physically AND mentally, and I can't wait for you guys to get to know her a little better & share in her INCREDIBLE success!

Meet Elle!

Tell us about your story!

My name is Elle and I am a (late) 20-something living in Chicago with my fiance and our two crazy dogs. Originally from St. Paul, MN, I discovered my love of working out and a desire to get healthier and stronger after college when I'd moved back home from school. I love to write and read (especially regency romance novels-- Julia Quinn and Eloisa James are two of my favorites), LOVE to cook, and I recently taught myself to knit! Now all I want to do is buy pretty yarn and make people things :) 

Why did you decide to join my Bootcamp?

I decided to join the Bootcamp, and try the 21 Day Fix after eyeing it for a while, because I was in a slump. I was in a terrible rut post-holidays and extensive traveling and I just needed a reset. I was looking for a challenge.

What have you gained from the experience?

I gained so much knowledge about my own body! I learned that I was most definitely NOT eating enough food during the day to fuel myself for the workouts I wanted to get through, and that I was eating too much of certain foods (think healthy fats, I was so sad I shouldn't eat a whole avocado during the day). I also learned that I am so much stronger than I originally thought, and that even though I am stronger, sometimes you have to modify things to take care of your body. I kid you not, Kat was my girl during a lot of the jumping intensive cardio workouts that Autumn puts your through. My poor knees would not have survived without her.

What struggles or challenges have you overcome?

I think one of the biggest things I overcame was feeling guilty if I didn't eat 100% to plan. Over the three weeks I had wine, I went out to dinner, and I made a mug brownie (or three), but the guilt that usually accompanied a treat didn't come after me. I was able to acknowledge that I was working my butt off (literally, I lost a few inches around the rear) and I deserved to treat myself every now and then. I think I got a better understanding of what balance is for me.

Favorite workout?

A tie between Upper Fix and Pilates Fix! I love me some strong arms, but I also adore Pilates:)

Favorite go-to healthy foods?

Greek yogurt with raspberries is my go to-- I eat some combo of this (sometimes I get wild and throw in granola) almost every single day, and have been for almost two years, and I have yet to get tired of it. I also recently discovered the joy (seriously, JOY) of chia seed pudding. I like to throw raspberries on that, too. I am also the biggest fan of easy dinners like baking a seasoned tilapia filet and sauteing some veggies in coconut oil, throwing some spices on both and then BAM healthy, simple dinner.

How do you keep yourself motivated?

This is something I am still working out but I always try and focus on how I will feel after-- how I will feel after an amazing workout, or how I will feel after a healthy meal, or even how I will feel if I eat those 5 Cadbury candy coated mini eggs. If I don't think I am going to feel great after, I say no. Not that that happens often with workouts or healthy meals. Cadbury eggs, yes. Sometimes. But not usually... I also try and focus on the big picture. I am getting married in August and I would love to have killer arms to go with my strapless dress, but I like to look beyond that-- I want to be fit and healthy so that I can keep up with my kids, and someday my grandkids. Don't ever ask me if I am sweating for the wedding-- I will give you a sassy look and tell you that I am sweating so I can live a long, healthy, active, and fulfilling life no matter what my age.

What advice would you give someone who’s just starting out on her health and fitness journey?

Take things at your own pace! Don't try and throw yourself into a brand new lifestyle in one day! Change takes time, especially big changes! I loved the 21 Day Fix because it was a simple and easy to follow way to examine and change habits that maybe weren't so healthy. Set small goals for yourself, like "Today I am going to drink half my weight in ounces of water" or, "Today I am going to prepare a healthy lunch for tomorrow". Changing your lifestyle is overwhelming and it is NOT as easy as flipping a switch. Take it one step at a time, and reward yourself when you accomplish a goal you've set, no matter how small :)

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