How I Stopped Wearing Busy as a Badge of Honor

I know, I know, you're BUSY. 

Girl, I get it. I've been right where you are, running around like a chicken with your head cut off, feeling like you have no fucking time to do anything. 

You're exhausted.

You're burnt out.

And you're just need a break.

Sound familiar?

If you're anything like me, then the answer is a resounding YES. And for so long, I was PROUD of how busy I was. I'd be on the phone with my best friends and they'd ask me what I've been up to and I would say "oh, you know, just super busy!" -- I know you do the same, girl. Hell, we've been taught to embrace the hustle, right? 

"Just keep trudging along!"

"Good things come to those who hustle"


Well, here's what I've learned after wearing the Busy Badge of Honor for FAR TOO LONG:


 Hustling is not fun. Hustling does not spark JOY in my life.

It makes me tired. And irritable. And those are the last things that I want to feel in life.


Six months ago, I got SO BURNT OUT from being Busy all the fucking time (and not spending time on the things that really made me HAPPY) that I had a full fledged breakdown. Scratch that -- try multiple breakdowns. I was so busy hustling my way through life, making plan after plan, saying YES to everything that I forgot to make time for the things that really mattered to me. 

I forgot to make my DREAM LIFE a priority.


And shouldn't that be our focus? I mean, hell, we were put on this earth to LIVE, right? Not coast and come to the end of our years to look back and think, "Wow, what a busy life I led."


I want to look back and remember the CHANCES I took. The FUN I had. The ADVENTURES I went on. The LOVE & FRIENDSHIP I experienced. The LIGHT, JOY AND FULL life I led.

Not a boring, jam packed exhausting life that left me wondering what I could have done differently if I had just made time for it.


So, I did a crazy thing. I quit my job(s) and started my own business where I get to be my own boss and have the FREEDOM to get work done on my own time.


Every day, I get to SOAK UP my morning, get my workout in, take a leisurely shower, enjoy a beautiful big breakfast while reading a book with a cup of Buddha's Blend tea in my owl mug and spend an hour journaling before I start my day.

Every day, I get to spend my day in yoga pants. I can go for afternoon dates with friends whenever I choose and plan a last minute trip home for a week without having to ask someone else's permission. 


Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not telling you to quit your job.

I mean, by all means, if you are not loving what you're doing and you're feeling super burnt out and you just are looking for a change, then girl, maybe it's time for a change of pace (and if you'd like to see how I managed to start living my FUCK YES life, Click here !) 


What I am saying is that I want to EMPOWER you to start making time for the things that make you happy. I'm still working on this (yep, I may be my own Girlboss now, but I am an overachiever and still have to WORK at making time for the things that light me up), so hold me accountable too, lady love, ok?


5 Ways to Keep the Busy at Bay

1. Wake up 30 minutes before you normally would. Light a candle, pull out a journal and start your day with gratitude or read something inspirational. Doing this in the morning can have such an incredible effect on your mindset for the rest of the day! Try it, I dare ya.

2. Have an especially stressful day at work filled with to-do tasks? Take yourself on a 15 minute walk outside. Studies show that getting fresh air and your blood pumping will actually allow you to focus so much better than trying to power through. 

3. Say NO. Yep, you heard me, and girl, it's OK to say no sometimes. You HAVE to prioritize yourself, and if you're constantly saying yes to every event, dinner date, extra project and task, you are going to drive yourself bonkers! You are not superwoman, and nobody expects you to be!

4. Schedule time into your calendar and title it "Me time" every single day. Treat it like an appointment. You wouldn't miss a meeting or your doctors appointment, right? Your me-time is just as important, if not MORE so, so make it a non negotiable and WRITE IT DOWN.

5. Build healthy, sustainable habits by grabing your FREE Busy Babes Guide to Healthy Living E-book to rock out your health and fitness journey in a STRESS FREE, and efficient way -- ya know, so you can live your freaking life and not have to stress about this shit either ;) 


“Some people never get a chance or give themselves a chance of celebrating life. All they do is work and work and work more. They never celebrate their own life or enjoy this gift called life.

Thats why they are always worried, complaining, stressed and busy. They have everything going for them, but missing the pleasures and benefits of living. Why work so hard if you cant enjoy what you have worked for.”