My Latest Obsession

If you follow my Facebook page, you know that I've been doing something a little different with my workouts for the month of July. Normally, I need a super specific schedule for my workouts -- working through a complete program (like the 21 day Fix!) has been the only way I have been able to fully COMMIT to something so the idea of switching things up for me was suuuuper scary and intimidating. 

That being said, I am always up for pushing my boundaries and after completing 22 minute Hard Corps, I decided I would do the Beachbody on Demand Challenge du Jour. 

What's Beachbody on Demand? Only the greatest thing since Netflix.

But for realsies. It's basically like Netflix for Beachbody on Demand...what?! Crazy sauce. And every day, there is a Challenge of the Day posted that you can join in on the fun with! So, I figured I'd check it out and you GUYS, it's been such a fucking blast. 

I figured I'd share a sneak peek of what my first 5 days looked like!!! I will say that not every workout was my favorite, but I really liked getting to check out different programs and while I thought the element of surprise would stress me out, I actually liked getting up every morning and going OK, what do you got for me today, BOD? 

Awesome. Sauce.


Day 1: Cize Live

Workout style: Hip Hop Cardio dance FOR THE WIN. This shit was SOOOO MUCH FUN. I was laughing, I was making weird faces & I didn't care that I probably looked ridiculous because I was getting such an amazing workout and having FUN while doing it. That's what it should be all about, am I right?!

Info: 30 minutes, no equipment needed

Verdict: LOVED it, so so much. Got SUPAH sweaty & burned a solid 300 calories. What whaaaat.

Day 2: Hammer Power

Workout Style: This was a really solid strength workout and holy shiiiit could I feel it the next day. This particular workout was all about a small amount of reps with heavier weights. If you're looking to really sculpt your bod, Hammer & Chisel is definitely where it's at. Can't wait to try this program in full :) 

Info: 40 minutes, a set of lighter weights (I used 8-10 lbs) and a set of medium weights (I used 12.5-15 lbs) and a resistance band or towel for the warmup!

Verdict: Other than Sagi's annoying voice (HA!), I really loved pushing myself. I used to be sooo terrified that working with heavier weights would make me bulk up, but after starting to up my weights, it's only helped me tone up, get leaner and above all, get stronger! Really think I'm going to have to give this program a whirl.

Day 3: Rev Abs

Workout: Usually ab work is not the toughest for me, but man oh man did I LOVE this one. My abs were being fired in places they don't usually feel it and I also really loved that there was some cardio mixed in to keep it interesting. A solid ab workout FOR SURE.

Info: 40 minutes, one medium weight needed (I used 10 lbs)

Verdict: If you're looking for something that's focused on core work, this one's pretty good. I will say that I liked the Core workouts from 22 minute hard corps much more and those were significantly shorter workouts so overall, not my favorite, but it was fun to checkout!

Day 4: 22 Minute Hard Corps

Workout: Short, intense and holy balls was I SWEATING by the end of it. Never thought 22 minutes could give such a solid workout. This one was Cardio 1 from the program (which I have done before!) and I still love it as much as I did when I started it. Bootcamp feel, military inspired, FAST.

Info: 22 minutes in length, this particular one you didn't need any equipment but for the resistance workouts, you need a set of weights (I used 8/10 lbs) and a resistance band.

Verdict: Still love this program as much as I did when I started it. Definitely going to keep it in my repertoire :)

Day 5: PiYo Lower Body

Workout: High intensity musically driven workout, using the fundamentals of Pilates and Yoga but with dynamic movements to get your heart racing! (Aka definitely NOT yoga -- you do burpees and shit in Piyo! Haha)

Info: 30 minutes in length, all you need is a yoga mat and yourself!

Verdict: I am a PiYo Junkie, so I knew I'd love this one. I actually got certified a few months ago to teach this as a fitness class because I love the program so much. It's amazing because it's a perfect balance of stretch, strength and agility, and you don't need any equipment to do it so I can literally take my workout to the park with me if I want (which I do!!)


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