23 Ways To Show Yourself Some Love

There are 23 days until Thanksgiving. A time when we express our GRATITUDE to those around us and give thanks.

The spirit of Thanksgiving is such a beautiful thing, and while I'm all for living in gratitude and showing the people in my life how much I care about them, I find that this time of year is when I have the hardest time showing MYSELF love and gratitude.

So this holiday season, I want to empower you to not just show up for those you love, but your YOURSELF TOO. 

Don't know where to start? Here are 23 ways you can show yourself some love this month -- check off a few of them this week! You deserve it.


1) Start your morning with some cozy journaling time. Light a candle, make some tea and just BE!

2) Rock out a face mask -- my favorite is the magnaminty from LUSH. 

3) Read a book -- here are my top 5 fave self care books!

4) Choose a word of the month that lights you up. I do this every month and it's SO empowering. My word of the month is PLAYFUL. What's yours?

5) Grab a gal pal and go to a yoga class at a studio near you.

6) Create a vision board! You can make a poster board version or make on online -- like this one! I used the website Canva


7) Bake a treat for your coworkers -- how about these cookies?

8) Go for a walk and just be with yourself. No phone. No podcast. No music. Just you, your thoughts, and the crisp fall air.

9) Adopt the mantra FOOD IS FUEL and be mindful about the food you're eating.

10) After a glass of wine, switch to kombucha. JUST as delicious and won't leave you rocking a headache the next day.


12) Facetime a gal pal you haven't talked to in a while

13) Get a haircut! Or better yet, switch up your hairstyle! Why do we always put this on the back burner when it makes us feel AMAZEBALLS?

14) Spend a day completely unplugged.

15) An hour before bedtime, turn your phone on airplane mode and don't turn it back on until after your morning me time!

16) Try a new recipe -- like this healthy pad thai! 

17) Buy yourself some flowers.

18) Play with your pup (or steal a friends for a day!) and soak up their playful, snuggly energy.


19) Have a mid-day dance party. 

20) Make a list of 10 things you love about your body, right now.

21) Say no. Self love is all about bringing more positive energy into your life. So stand up for yourself and say no -- it'll allow you to say yes to things that actually raise your vibes instead of putting time into things that don't! 

22) Press play on a workout that makes you feel AMAZING from the inside out. 

23) Invest in something that will help you grow into your best self -- a fun class, workshop, workout program, anything!


Let's commit to showing ourselves some LOVE this month, ok?

Who's with me?

Xo Amanda