Motivation is Garbage

Are you spending your life on automatic pilot?


You have all these aspirations in your life about what you WANT and who you want to be, but you’ve let months go by without taking any action...


I was watching this amazing video with Mel Robbins this past weekend all about why it’s so hard to be motivated to do the little things to improve our lives and it got my wheels turning.

Here’s the thing: our brains are designed to protect us -- going out of our comfort zone and deciding to make a change literally makes our brains send stress signals to our body telling us to retreat and get back to our comfy cozy zone.

So  literally, our bodies are programmed to keep us from going out of our comfort zones and leaping. And it’s up to US to take the leap of faith and dive in. Trust our gut and tell our brains to eff off.


Here's the real-freaking-deal.


You need to stop waiting until you “feel like it”.


You are ONE decision away from a 100% different life.

A different job. A different relationship. A different life. A different outlook.

It may not feel that easy, but it IS. You literally have that power because YOU are in control of your life -- and as Mel so poignantly says: “If you change your decisions, you change everything.”

The timing of shit in your life can be SUUUPER MESSY.

And game changing opportunities don't just knock on your door once the "timing is right" or "you're ready".

Because, let's be honest: there is always something making it the "wrong time".

And if there's anything I've learned it's that those life changing magical opportunities tend to knock on your door at the most inopportune times.

I launched my business right after my wedding, having just quit my job and having the roof of our new house leak, causing major water damage.

Not ideal to say the least. But I jumped ANYWAYS.

I decided to crash into the fear, trust my gut and say YES to the life I had been dreaming of for years but never took any action on.


And that's what I want you to do. To jump in with everything you've got.


Right fucking now.



"when you have the time"

“When the motivation strikes”

"when the timing feels right"

"once you have the perfect body"

"once your busy schedule opens up"

"once you pay off all your debt"

"in a few months"

"when you feel ready"

"when everything lines up so perfectly that magical unicorns and rainbows fall from the sky"


Truth bomb? If you’re waiting for those things, then you’ll be waiting for the rest of your life. Because life just doesn’t happen that way.


You are WORTH putting your dreams into action right now.

So quit delaying your happiness.

And take f*cking action.

I want you to take the next 5 minutes and just write the answer to this question --

Where have YOU been holding yourself back? If you could have the courage to make a change in your life right freaking now, without any “repercussions”, and what would you do?

And once you've spent some time thinking on that, I want you to think of ONE way that you can take action on that RIGHT NOW. 

It's time to jump in. With both feet.

And decide to live that f*ck yes life you and I both know is there waiting for you.

I'm with you. I'm going. Who's coming with me?

Xo Amanda

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