What is Beachbody Coaching?

If you’ve spent any time with me in the past few months, you’ve probably been subjected to a non-stop gushfest on Beachbody, Coaching, and Shakeology. I can't help it you guys, I'm just too stinkin' happy not to share!

I am literally so freaking happy with my decision to become an independent Team Beachbody coach. It has truly changed my life in just a few short months. I am happier. Healthier. And more in touch with what I want out of life than I have ever been. So I thought it was high time I shared a little more about what it’s all about!

I came into this opportunity knowing five things about myself:

1. I am hugely passionate about health and fitness.

2. Nothing makes me happier than using my life experiences to help other people make positive changes in their lives.

3. I love sharing my passions and connecting with others.

4. I am motivated by a challenge.

5. If there is a way to make a hobby or passion into a side business, I am ALL ABOUT THAT.

Since December, I have led dozens of amazing, motivated women through the 21 Day Fix, and everyone who has committed to the program has seen REEEEDONKULOUS results! And not JUST physically, but also mentally. It's been SO FREAKING INSPIRATIONAL. And I am am completely in love with running Challenge Groups, sharing my experiences, and motivating others to help take the first step towards their fitness goals!


The company

Ok, so I am extremely skeptical of "get rich quick"/ "too good to be true" schemes and am majorly turned off by hard-sell tactics and the network marketing model in general because, let's just say I've have had some super uncomfy experiences in the past where people have been incredibly pushy and scammy and I'm just NOT ABOUT THAT. So you can imagine I did a shit-ton of research before signing up, just to make sure that there weren't strings attached to this coaching business. 

My Conclusion: Nope, no strings attached. No overhead. No requirements to buy OR sell anything. Basically no risk, but unlimited potential for growth if you really want to take your business to the top. The structure and tools are there, you just get to plug in and see where you want to take it with the time that you have to set aside. And when I saw that what I'd get to be doing is building relationships with genuine, like minded women and helping other people achieve their goals and enjoy healthy, fulfilling lives, I was IN. 

The more I learn about Beachbody as a company, the more confident I am in this organization. Not only are the products incredible and actually WORK, but the integrity of the company itself is unreal. Founded in 1998, Beachbody at its core is an American health and fitness brand that is famous for its renowned and results-oriented at-home fitness programs created by celebrity trainers. Have you ever seen an infomercial for P90X or Insanity? Yup, that's Beachbody. 

And the best thing?!?! Anyone can sign up to be a coach. Whether you are a complete fitness newbie or a freaking personal trainer, doctor/lawyer/teacher/actor (*cough* me *cough*), if you have lost 50 pounds or have 50 pounds to lose, if you want some extra accountability, want to help others, want some extra income to supplement your full time salary, or want to be the Girlboss of your OWN biz and work on your OWN terms.


What do Beachbody coaches do?

-They love Beachbody products (Shakeology and fitness programs) because the products work. And Shakeology is addicting...Seriously, I call it my magical unicorn shake. It deserves its own blog post.

-They use their STORY to share with others who might also benefit.

-They run these super FUN online Challenge Groups -- aka support and accountability groups with likeminded peeps that GET YOU.

-Coaches are committed to building relationships, and making sure that each client has the most successful experience possible and moves at least one step forward towards reaching their ultimate health goals -- whether that is to simply gain a little muscle tone, lose 100+ pounds or is wanting to develop a healthier relationship with food. There is LITERALLY a program for everyone, no matter your fitness background or level!

-Coaches do some sort of "personal development" every single day, to make sure they are constantly striving to become the best version of themselves possible in every aspect of life. We're not just working out robot machines! We also spend time every day working on buidling a positive inner relationship with ourselves! 

The only actual financial commitment? A $15/month coaching fee to maintain your websites/so you don't have to do all the super boring and taxing shit like shipping/packaging/etc. And then you get a 25% discount on anything, and get all the incredible opportunity for support, love & accountability!

When you become a coach, you are essentially starting your OWN health and fitness-based business. You're not an employee of the company, but you become an independent distributor, which is kind of like being a contractor. You get to use the Beachbody as a PLATFORM to launch YOUR dreams of becoming a Badass Girl Boss, just by sharing what you LOVE and helping others make positive changes in THEIR lives. It's freaking awesome.

And the best bonus of all? You get to join our goofy #TeamInspireJoy Family and have an immediate community of gals who just GET YOU and will become your best friends. 


What I’ve gained through becoming a "coach":

-The confidence to OWN who I am.

-Motivation to stick to my own workouts and nutrition.

-Friendships with authentic and amazing women around the country who are just like me.

-The ability to believe that my dreams ARE possible.

-The ability to help women to gain confidence, feel strong and empowered, re-define their relationship with food, and to be able to be that tiny burst of light and support in someone else's life.

-A FAMILY of gorgeous gals on my team who share my exact same values and passions.

- A flexible schedule to run my own business on MY OWN TERMS, and make a side income through doing what I love.

-I'm living and breathing my philosophy every single day: Eat more, eat better, ENJOY life, “treats not cheats,” Balance is key & that the key to JOYFUL LIVING is to do something that lights you up inside, every single day.


I have also been able to meet ladies who are just like me and mentor them as coaches on my own team, and it feels like going into business with my best friends. It's incredible how you just feel that CLICK when you put your heart out there. You end up crossing paths with people who just get you. I don't even know how to really describe it. I've never experienced something like it before.


Coaching is that “thing” that I didn’t even know I was missing. A path that is bringing all aspects of my life into one clear focus. I guess you know that you’ve found your passion when you're doing something that you literally can’t stop thinking or talking about. That lights a FIRE in your soul. 

If your soul is CRAVING something more out of life, or you're just looking for a COMMUNITY of genuine and loving ladies who will support you along your health & fitness journey, this opportunity might just be for you.


And if you're still reading this, well, GIRL, this is clearly a sign and what the heck are you waiting for? 


Wanna get join in on the fun?

I would be STOKED to chat more with you about your health & fitness (heck, and LIFE) goals and help you take the first step! Whether it's losing those pesky last 5 pounds, feeling confident in your own skin, learning how to fuel your body through healthy eating and proper portion control, do a full fledged push up, overcome your emotional eating habits, or being able to finally truly LOVE yourself from the inside out. You are NOT alone. I've been there and I've had so many ladies in my Groups who have dealt with ALL of these things too. 

If you wanna join in on my next Challenge Group:

If you're super passionate about Healthy living and want to learn more about how you can pay it forward and create a side business through helping others (and yourself!), please don't hesitate to reach out! I'm obviously so freaking stoked about this opportunity and would LOVE to chat about it with you some more. You can learn more about our mission HERE

Xo Amanda