Friday Favorites: May Edition

Can you believe it’s already June?

Is it just me or does 2017 feel like it’s literally flying by?


May was a surprisingly adventure filled month.

Fun and exciting thangs? I’ve been rocking out a super fun project over on Instagram called the Mindful Minute with me project -- posting mini one minute video truth bombs. Check it out under the #mindfulminutewithme hashtag!

I also hosted our first ever local edition of our Self Development Book Club which was sooo fun! Every month in our Live On Purpose community, we rock out a book dedicated to our theme of the month and this month we’re all about ADVENTURE. I’m really excited to dive into our next one -- all about really taking ACTION in our lives and making incredible shit happen. Wanna join us? Request to join our group and get in on the fun :) 

And without further adoooo... here are ma highlights of the month!





I can not say enough good things about this book and I’ve literally been recommending it to everyone and their mother.

May was “master your mean girl/inner shit talker” in our Live on Purpose community and holy wow, the discoveries we made about how we speak to ourselves was profound.

What I loved about this book was just how freaking relatable Melissa is. And as so many women in our community discovered, there are aspects of the book that every single person can take something incredibly profound away from. There are also actionable tools for every single lesson throughout the book which are hugely impactful.

Basically, read it. And when you do, let me know your thoughts :) I would LOVE to hear them.

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One of my best friends came to Chicago to surprise me over the Memorial Day long weekend and I just about DIED. My love language is 100% quality time, and I’m a sucker for surprises, so safe to say my love tank was FULL. 

We spent the weekend frolicking around the city, snuggling, going out to eat at some super fun and exciting places and catching up. It was amazing.


 This past month I did something a little different for our monthly health & fitness accountability group and created a customized workout schedule tailored for brides to be, bridesmaids or anyone attending weddings, really! It was SO much fun and I think my favorite part about it all was the variety every single day.

 Curious about the schedule? Give me a holler and I’ll send it your way!!!  

Anyhoo, this was one of my favorite moves from the experience ;)

Our June health & fitness accountability group is full so if you wanna hop on into our July edition, be sure to put your name on our wait list here!!! BIG THINGS happening in July so get excited!!


At least once a week, I spend my day working out of a coffee shop with my biz bestie. Becoming a Beachbody coach has allowed me to get rid of all my soul sucking day jobs and make my own schedule (#girlbossin). And while entrepreneurship comes with sooo many beautiful gifts, it also can feel lonely at times when you're always working from home, so I've started spending at least one day a week working at a coffee shop and trying to explore as many new ones as possible to make it an adventure!

My fave for this month is Fairgrounds Coffee & Tea. It's super bright and fun, lots of open space to get work done and they have such a nice variety of drinks and healthy eats (which you KNOW I’m all about!)

be unique.jpg


 Our little man officially turned 1!

We celebrated with a big ol' bone, some new toys and a trip to the dog beach because he freaking LOVES the water. 


And there you have it, my friends.

Some of my favorite moments from the month! 

What were some of your favorite moments? Make any fun discoveries? Would LOVE to hear!

Xo Amanda


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