5 Ways to Stay on Track this Summer

Summer used to TERRIFY me. 

Bikini season, shorts weather -- all things that would literally make my skin crawl because HELL NO would you ever catch me in either of those. I was ashamed of my body, would cover up my arms with sweaters despite the heat and used to go swimming in a t-shirt because at least then my stomach wouldn't show. I was the girl who would go shopping for summer clothes with my Mom (ugh, bathing suits were the WORST) and have breakdowns in the changing room because I couldn't fit into anything and felt gross.

You too? 

It's a feeling that followed me around for so long that even now that I feel confident in my own skin, once summer starts to hit, my stomach drops. Those feelings come rushing back and my mind goes to: "Ok, Amanda, how can you get bikini ready?" .... AS IF THAT'S A THING. 

According to the media, the only way to be "bikini ready" is to have six pack abs & be tanned. Well, I fit into neither of those categories (I wear sunscreen like it's my JOB so this gal is pretty pasty and proud of it!) and I would say just the nature alone of me wearing a bikini makes me bikini I digress. And I'm getting away from my point as I tend to do (ha! you love my rambles, don't deny it). So I'll hop back on track...

Summer. The season of weddings, bbqs, roadtrips, traveling, outdoor festivals, patio living and pretty much all the amazing things ever -- all the things which also make it SUPER hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Now don't get me wrong, I am ALL about indulging in a glass on sangria, an Oberon on the porch and chocolate wedding cake, because LIVE YOUR LIFE, am I right? But ultimately, my goal is to FEEL AMAZING and when I start drinking more often and eating less healthy options, I start to feel like shit.

So I made a list of ways to help myself stay on track this summer, despite the many crazy events and traveling that I'll be doing and you KNOW I'm allll about sharing, so I figured I'd share my tips with you! Hopefully it'll help you stay on track with your goals :)


5 Ways to Stay on Track this Summer

1. Stay Hydrated

With the heat in the summer months, it's more important than EVER to keep your body hydrated. You're losing more water than you normally do (yup, that's what sweating does!) so you should be upping your water intake to make up for it. General rule of thumb? At LEAST 8 glasses of water a day. A lot of the time, I find that my body is really just needing water but I mistake that for needing food -- up your hydration level and it'll be easier to stay on track with your daily food intake, your skin will clear up and you'll feel more energized!

Tired of boring old water? Infuse it with fruit and herbs! My personal favorite combination at the moment is grapefruit and mint! I also am obsessed with La Croix sparkling water -- try the Coconut one ;) 

2. Walk everywhere

It's finally NICE out and girl, unless there's a heat warning, you have no excuse not to get your booty outside and WALK! Even if you don't live in a bustling city where it's easy to get places by foot, make it a priority to get at least a 30 minute walk in every day. Maybe grab your favorite podcast and incorporate it into your morning me time or take a stroll with your hubby after dinner and catch up on your days. 

Get those steps in, girl! And soak up the gorgeous summer days while you can!

3. Be a Perfect Guest

You know all those BBQs and family dinners where you feel like you show up, are planning to stay on track and WHOOPS, no healthy choices? Chances are, the host isn't thinking about you while they're building their menu and why should they?! Hot dogs and hamburgers are easy to feed a bunch of people and they're already going out of their way! SO, be a good guest and offer to bring something -- most people will be so grateful for the help and BONUS, you can choose to make something that you are happy to eat :) Make a big ol' salad, bring a veggie tray, whatever! 

4. Set yourself up for Success

I know traveling can be the TOUGHEST thing to deal with because sometimes we have no control over things but can we do our best? Hell yes! Here are some of my favorite go-tos...

For roadtrips: Pack a bunch of healthy snacks to munch on and PRE PLAN where you'll be stopping for lunch. Check out the menu and make sure there's an option that you are happy with.

For traveling in general: Go to the grocery store and pick up some healthy options to have on hand -- fresh fruit, carrot sticks, bars, raw almonds (that way, you can fill up on healthy options and keep your veggie and fruit intake strong!)

5. Have FUN!

Summer is FILLED with possibilities and ways to be active. So go on that hike you've been wanting to do. Dance your butt off at every single wedding you're at. Bike to and from the festivals you're checking out. Go throw a frisbee in the park. Don't just lay on your towel at the beach -- go swimming, build a sandcastle, play chicken with your friends --- whatever!

ENJOY yourself and live your life, girl. And remember, you are gorgeous, just the way you are. 

You are soooo loved,

Xo Amanda