Why it's so important to Feel and Express Gratitude

This time of year always makes me feel extra grateful. I mean, when you're a Canadian living in the US of A, you get two Thanksgivings for God's sake! But why is it that it takes a holiday that's sole purpose (other than stuffing your face with turkey and pie) is to say what you're thankful for to really feel and express gratitude? Shouldn't this be something we practice daily? 

I know that I always feel more full of love, light & joy when I feel express gratitude. My day is infinitely better. Lighter. A bad day can turn into a good day on the drop of a dime when I sit & think about the things in life that I'm grateful for.

Sure, I'm having a bad day. I forgot my lunch at home, the dress I wanted to wear today fit weird so it took me ten extra minutes to decide what to wear which made me later than I wanted to be and my tea got cold by the time I got around to drinking it. And I sit in those feelings. And I sulk. And I have a pretty crappy day. But WHY would I do this when I could avoid feeling like this? When a small act that takes less than two minutes could turn my day around?

So...I've decided that enough is enough. 

Starting today, I am going to start making a list of the five things a day that I am grateful for. They can be ANYTHING. Anything that sparks joy inside of you when you think about it. And what's more, once a week, I'm going to express gratitude one of the people in my life that are a constant source of joy, love & support. Because, well, the world needs more gratitude in it.


My Gratitude List for the Day:

+ My Hubby. He's my Best Friend, my Soulmate, my Partner in crime & my #1 supporter

+ Personal Development Books. Soul searching is my fave past time. Do it. It's a beautiful thing.

+ Nature. Small parks in the city. Trees. My soul is alive when it's surrounded by nature.

+ Yoga. The stillness, strength and beauty it brings to my life everyday is immeasurable.

+ The Little Things. The moments in your mundane day that take my breath away.


Are you up for the challenge? What are five things you are grateful for today?