Are you ready to ditch the diet, find JOY IN FITNESS and LIVE YOUR F*CK YES LIFE?



A virtual membership community for women who are ready to put themselves first, rock out a health & fitness journey that FEELS good and say hell yes to feeling amazeballs in their own skin.


A badass combination of one:one coaching, a membership to a community of authentic & goofy gals, and a fitness and nutrition program that will help you find food freedom and feel AMAZEBALLS in your own skin.


Are you tired of feeling like nothing you do ever works?


You hit that major milestone -- your goal weight / your dream job / your perfect relationship -- and you're still not happy.

You use food as a coping mechanism to deal with shitty days -- HELLO endless pints of Ben & Jerry's Half Baked, peanut m&ms and oreos...

No matter what you do, you never feel good enough.


I see you.

Going balls to the wall extreme with your workouts and burning yourself out. 

Eating "clean" by day and then raiding your pantry for anything you can get your hands on at night.

And you're just so f*cking exhausted with all the yo-yo dieting bullshit.


Girl, you're in the right place. And newsflash?

You are already good enough.


And I'm here to remind you that to be truly HEALTHY and HAPPY -- to live your F*CK YES LIFE -- it's not about being a perfect fitness robot and being obsessive about the food you're putting into your body.

It's about being BRAVE ENOUGH to say YES to your best self, every single day, and to find a routine that works for YOU that you can actually sticks to and that feels freaking amazing.


And that's where I come in *cue gangsta rap induced booty shake*

I'm here to help you find the LIGHT inside of you. 

Because holy shit do you deserve it. 

Are you ready to?


Start actually putting yourself first

Freaking finally kick your excuses to the curb

Feel confident and sexy AF in your own skin

Find the JOY and FUN in healthy living

Get jammin' with a workout program that feels amazing

Find freedom from restrictive diets that make you feel deprived and unhappy



Proud of the woman you ARE

confident af in your own skin

In love with yourself and your journey

Energized and ready to take on the world

Empowered, Strong and just plain amazeballs


then we are soul sistas, and this experience is just for you.


in case you're new around here, I'm Amanda!

Recovering control freak with type A tendencies, creative soul and your new tough love accountability coach, with a side of goofy.

I know what it's like to live on both extremes -- from the cardio junkie who never thought she could be less than a size 12 and who was so uncomfortable in her own skin to the gal who took healthy living to such an extreme that it led to living off of veggies in public and behind closed doors, stuffing her face with peanut m&ms.

I finally found a program that gave me the tools I needed to find BALANCE and to truly find a healthy lifestyle, not just a "quick fix".

Now? I eat to FUEL my body, I move my body in ways that light me up and above all, I've stopped being a slave to the yo yo cycle I had been on for so many years.

When I realized that I wasn't alone in my struggles, I built a community for women just like you as a safe space to hold ourselves accountable to our journeys.


Why "live your f*ck yes life?"

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I want to help you love yourself right now, no matter where you are in life or the number on that scale.


I want you to feel energetic, strong and truly HAPPY in every aspect of your life.


I want you to finally step up for YOURSELF because you're worth it.



about the program

It's a results-centered experience that blends together 1:1 coaching with an ongoing group community, created to help you reach YOUR goals while living a balanced life along the way — ‘cause life is just too goddamn short to not eat all the tacos. 

I'll give you the resources, tools and accountability you need to learn how to establish healthy habits in a FUN way, throw those excuses out the window, show your body (and MIND) some major LOVE and uncover the vibrant and fan-fucking-tastic woman who is already inside of you.


A sneak peek of what we'll be covering...

Commit to YOU. Goal setting and exploring the power of why.

Busy babe tips & tricks for living your healthiest and happiest life.

Overcoming emotional eating.

Letting go of your inner shit talker.

Speak your truth.

Uncovering your BEST self.

Morning routines that make you feel amazing.

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  • A workout schedule that fits YOUR needs and goals

  • Daily workout and nutrition accountability via a tracking app

  • Meal by meal nutrition plan (for all foodies!) and all natural supplements to rock your health, energy, performance, and recovery 

  • At home workouts! New routine daily, like having a private boutique fitness studio in your living room. Stream via Roku, Apple TV, tablet/phone, etc.

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 COMMUNITY & soul sistah support

  • Daily support via a private Facebook community

  • Weekly check-ins via the FB group

  • Weekly TRUTH TALK via live video, journal prompts & more

  • Monthly virtual coffee chat to deep dive into goals

  • VIP priority to all new programs released



  • Immediate positive energy and results

  • A “real food” nutrition plan and world class at-home fitness programs that are FUN and customized to fit YOUR NEEDS.

  • Delicious all-natural superfoods to nourish your body from the inside out

  • Ongoing group + individual online support in our private Facebook community to share your journey with women just like you

  • A resource vault with recipe e-books, meal planning and prepping strategies, and all the tools you need to feel prepared and in control.

  • Focus on overcoming emotional eating, creating motivation and consistency in your health journey & self care strategies to help you feel amazing from the inside out. 


This is an experience for go-getting goofy gals who are done with the BS yo-yo dieting world world and are ready to ditch the diet, make fitness FUN and feel sexy and strong AF from the inside out.

You are:

Tired of going through the motions for a life that doesn’t light you up.

Craving a community of women who GET you.

Ready to dig deep, do the inner AND outer work.

A go getter. You decide you're going to do something and you show up and freaking make it happen.

Willing to get uncomfortable and challenge yourself.

Someone who doesn’t believe in the quick fix mentality. You know the importance of putting in the work and that success takes time, and you don't give up when shit gets hard. 

You love fitness but have always struggled with food, and are ready to feel SEXY AF in your own skin and ditch the diet once and for all. 

You’re 18 or older and live in the US, Canada, or United Kingdom and are not currently working with or assigned a Beachbody coach. 

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This is not for you if...

  • If you’re healing or recovering from an eating disorder

  • If you’re triggered by a structured plan

  • You're not ready to fully invest and commit to yourself and the group

  • You’re already working with a Beachbody coach, or have a coach assigned to your account

  • You live outside the US, CAN, UK

What are you waiting for. Let's do this shit.



Click this button to apply and I’ll be in touch within 48 hours to chat about your goals and connect you with the right package:



I'm all yours when you invest in a  Challenge Pack.  

Packages start at $160, and I'll help you choose a program that fits your goals.


This is an investment in YOURSELF, lady love.  

If you choose to join me, I am committing to be your accountability partner FOR LIFE.

I’ll be your personal cheerleader and wellness mentor. You'll be welcomed into a community of badass inspiring women who will lift you up and join you alongside your journey. And you'll finally be able to overcome all of the shit that is keeping you from achieving your goals and living the life you CRAVE. 

Don’t let the excuses in your head stop you from taking action, because the time is going to pass you by and before you know it, you'll be wishing you'd said YES.

It’s scary as shit to leave your comfort zone. To acknowledge that you want to make changes in your life. But that doesn't mean that it's not worth it to put yourself first for a change and take a step that will get you closer to your best self. 

If you feel like something is “off"with your life and you know you want to feel better, this is the experience that’s going to get you there. I’m going to get rid of your overwhelm and replace it with joy, confidence and a badass action plan. 

The process of working towards living a healthy F*ck YES Life to feel joyful and fun, because you should CELEBRATE every single tiny victory, starting with your decision to take a chance on YOU.