Episode #12: Manifesting the life of your dreams with Angie Lee



"I treated myself like I was the most precious and most amazing awesome thing, even if I didn't feel that way, because it's about acting like that version of yourself before you're there. You have to act as that woman today to get there in the future."

Angie Lee is a life coach, marketing mentor to entrepreneurs, author, speaker, Co Founder of DailyRx & host of the top rated Rich Bitch Podcast. 

Corporate Dropout ($100k in debt) to 7 figure serial entrepreneur under 30, Angie is dedicated to showing women how to upgrade their relationship with success & monetize their passion. Her passion runs deep for wellness, biohacking and Organic Marketing. Her genius is helping women break up with fear & discover unstoppable confidence. She’s committed to
helping women grow in their business, health and relationships.

Here are a few things we discussed in today’s episode:

  • Being 100% true to your goofy self in your business and life
  • The power of investing in yourself financially
  • Angie's obsession with Tony Robbins
  • Money manifestation and how to handle the burden of being in debt
  • The Law of Attraction and how we have the power, for better of for worse, of creating our own realities
  • How I manifested the money to work with Angie
  • Her favorite mantras and how she incorporates them in her day
  • The power of making sh*t FUN and why her dream job is to become a stand up comedian
  • How to create a positive money mindset
  • How she handles fear in her life


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Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins

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