Episode #23: Navigating the shame spiral and learning to love your story with Grace Presley



"The truth allows you to crack open. Your stories allow you to break open and crack open. And that's not looking at it from the perspective of 'you're broken' but it's looking at it from a perspective of what's open can now allow you to expand."

Grace Presley is a passionate entrepreneur on a mission to help others find their voice, tell their story and change the world. Her SOUL job in this life is to love on *you* hold space for the sacred stories of your life. She created the mission with a message "You are a Story worth Loving" to build a community where your stories are supported, your voices are heard and you can simply come as you are. A gentle reminder and whisper to your soul that the stories of our lives matter and we are (and always have been) worthy of giving and receiving love. It is a movement. It is a lifestyle. 

Here are some things we discuss in todays episode:

  • Community vs. competition
  • Navigating the "not enoughness" feelings
  • Her journey with anorexia, bulimia, spousal abuse, divorce, single mom-hood and beyond
  • How we attract into our lives things that are reflective of the way we feel about ourselves
  • The moment she drew a line in the sand and finally chose herself
  • Trauma, EMDR and therapy
  • Navigating through shame and guilt
  • The story behind creating You Are A Story Worth Loving


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