Episode #64: How Fluid Is Sexuality Anyways? | A Conversation with Rachel Wright


In honor or Pride Month, I’m so excited to be exploring all things sexuality on todays podcast.

I couldn’t have had a better person to have this podcast than Rachel Wright — a fan favorite over here at the Live Your F*ck Yes life podcast. Not only does she bring a super important research based and clinical approach to the subject matter (when she lived in San Francisco and hosted her private practice there, she worked almost exclusively with the LGBTQ+ community) but she also shares so vulnerably about her personal relationship with the topic at hand.

We got deep, you guys. And I’m two parts excited and terrified to share this with you, but as per usual, I’m f*cking going for it.

Things we discuss in today’s episode:

  • The difference between gender and sexuality

  • The different types of sexuality

  • The Kinsey Scale — what it is, and how to figure out where you fall on it

  • Labels - love ‘em or hate ‘em

  • The stigma around bisexuality

  • We both share super personal things around the topic of our own sexuality

  • Some tangible ways to gain clarity around your sexuality


Rachel’s Instagram | Website

Rachel’s previous episodes: Episode 37 with Rachel on Anxiety | Episode 51 on Breaking the Stigma of Therapy

Kinsey Scale

Kinsey, the movie

Getting Bi - Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

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