Episode #29: LYFYL Pep Talk Series | The True Path to Success


For the longest time, I felt like I needed to be "successful" to be worthy. And thus, to be HAPPY.

This week has been a bit surreal for me — I’ve come back from a trip that was breathtakingly beautiful and adventure filled, to getting this incredible book in the mail that I had the honor of being a contributor for.

And I had a moment of imposter syndrome. Of “who am I to be able to have a life like this?” Where my job allows me to travel and work from wherever and the connections I’ve made have led me to be able to share my story and heart in ways I never imagined possible, like having my work published. 

And all of the “reasons” to feel worthy that I used to feel like I needed to be “successful” were staring me straight in the face but instead, I felt like a total FAKE.

I dive into this moment and so much more on today's episode of the pod!