Episode #4: Embracing the mess and the power of sharing your story with Lauren Frontiera

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"Even if you don't feel ready to share that part of your story, allow hearing other peoples' stories to give you more empathy." 

Lauren Frontiera is the founder + visionary of the badass online platform + sisterhood, The Real Female Entrepreneur. Her podcast reaches thousands of women at all stages of business through real, honest, inspiring conversations with both high-profile and newly emerging female entrepreneurs. And when she’s not in front of her computer, you can probably find her pretending to be the next contestant on The Great British Baking Show (or some other food-related tv contest)!

Here are a few other things we discussed in today’s episode:

  • Her journey to entrepreneurship
  • The post college what the hell am I doing with my life ness
  • Perfectionism & how to navigate the world as an adult
  • Why she's so dang burnt out on granola
  • Her obsession with storytelling and sharing your truth
  • Insecurities, self doubt and how to navigate the mess
  • Our bouts of road rage
  • Her thoughts on therapy and doing the inner work
  • Our experiences with anxiety
  • How the idea for The Real Female Entrepreneur came to her and what it's all about
  • Why I say the word penis on the pod (HA.)


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