Episode #51: Breaking the Stigma of Therapy with Rachel Wright


When you hear the word therapy, does it bring up positive or negative emotions for you?

Therapy used to be something I didn’t think I needed and gave a it a major bad rap. But my perspective on the matter has changed drastically in the last few months as I’ve explored my own experience of working with a therapist. Yup, I am a major therapy convert. And I’m talking about my own experience in therapy for the first time on todays episode.

So to talk about all the things and give you the most candid conversation about a topic so polarizing, I brought back on to the podcast one of my favorite humans on the planet, therapist and sex, relationships and mental health expert Rachel Wright.

Things we discuss in today’s episode:

  • Why Rachel wanted to be a therapist

  • How therapy and theatre are so linked

  • Her first experience of therapy as a fourteen year old (and the juicy deets on why her parents shoved her into therapy in the first place)

  • The good, the bad & the ugly of the therapy model

  • Where to even start on finding the right therapist for you

  • Why I finally took the deep dive and started going to therapy

  • Self care starts with mental health

  • How to know if you need therapy

  • A huge aha moment I had in therapy a few weeks ago


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Episode 37 with Rachel on Anxiety


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