Episode #53: The Power of Passive Income Through the Authentic Use of Network Marketing | A Conversation with Mallory Eden


Network Marketing. MLMs.

Chances are you have a pretty strong reaction to both of those terms — either positively or negatively.

You’ve been added to a facebook group without your permission. Your ex boyfriend high school’s sister who you haven’t spoken to in 15 years started a business and reached out inviting you out of the blue. #notcool am I right?

Network marketing gets a bad rap but let me tell ya, it can (and should) be the most life changing things you will ever do for yourself if you are aligned with a mentor you love and partner with a company who’s products you believe in.

I was the biggest skeptic. I thought I was going to be scammed. Drink the koolaid and join a cult. And to be honest, I had good reason. I’d been surrounded by people who were doing it wrong and were partnered with companies that were 110% out of alignment with what I believed. But having the courage to follow my gut, and kickstart my business education with a side hustle in the network marketing space has given me so many opportunities and gifts that I couldn’t have ever imagined possible. And almost every single successful entrepreneur I know has a stream of revenue dedicated to affiliate marketing (most of which are in the network marketing realm) soooo success leaves MF clues you guys. And I’m so excited to have Mallory Eden on — an incredible woman in the network marketing space that is showing up in this business model with true authenticity.

So who is Mallory? She is a self love + holistic health advocate, and essential oils lover. Her mission is to help guide and empower women to live healthier + happier lives…on their terms and going for their dreams while thriving from the inside out. She loves reading about a million books at a time, green smoothies, coffee, a huge bowl of popcorn with a chocolate side, painting huge canvases, twinkling diffusers, Sacred Frankincense, and cuddling with her family for a movie night by the fire. Essential oils & holistic nutrition are her deepest passions. She’s been with Young Living for almost 2 years and it's been the most amazing, best surprise of her life!! She’s been constantly learning that sometimes veering off course IS THE COURSE that was meant for us all along.

Today we deep dive into allllll things network marketing, our experiences in the space and how passive income has changed our life.

Some of the main things we touch on in today’s episode:

  • Pulling back the curtain on the truth about network marketing

  • How network marketing is really just another form (and a way more lucrative form) of affiliate marketing

  • The key to living a life by design

  • The importance of vision and being authentic to yourself

  • How to overcome the fear of being perceived as scammy

  • Using this opportunity as a chance to foster community where you truly belong


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