Episode #58: What the f*ck to do after a breakup with Jessica Smith


I am so excited to have Jessica back on the podcast to talk about BREAKUPS.

Let’s be honest — the dating world these days is tough as nails. And while Cosmo may be full of dating tips, relationship tips and sex tips, the thing we never hear about is how to navigate a breakup. Which feels SO backwards because I’d bet that 95% of you have been through one in your lives — I know I have.

And it’s gut wrenching. Heartbreaking. And there’s no support attached to that. So as always, I brought the MF support with this incredibly open and vulnerable conversation.

As a reminder, Jessica Smith is the author of YOUR TWENTIES, a book about change and how to take good care of yourself as a 20-something navigating the “real world.” Jess is the host of two podcasts, THAT VALLEY VIBE, a show about wellness and CAREER COACHING WITH JESSNESS, a show about doing your best work in the world, landing job interviews and how to build a personal brand. When she’s not writing or recording podcasts you can find her meeting with people 1:1 about how Doterra Essential Oils can positively impact their health and hosting events with her oil community, The Wellness Squad.

In today’s episode we cover topics like:

  • Her story of getting broken up with the man she thought she was going to marry

  • The 5 stages of a breakup

  • What to do when you feel like you can’t function

  • The journey back to yourself post breakup

  • Body work as a powerful positive coping mechanism

  • The answers you’re looking for? They are within you.

  • Finding closure in the most unexpected way


Episode 16 with Jess Smith

Jess’s website | Instagram

Jess’s book Your Twenties


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