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Episode #59: Trusting the Timing of the Universe with Nina & Liz of Finding Your Shine


Nina and Liz make up the dynamic duo behind the Finding Your Shine Podcast. A weekly show that focuses on helping women bust through their fears and live a life that truly lights them up. Each week, they bring on leading experts in the field of health/wellness, career, spirituality, and personal growth to help inspire you to take aligned action towards a life you love. 

Both Nina and Liz have gone through their own transitions from struggling with body image and hormone imbalance, to some intense anxiety. Through resources like podcasts, blogs, and some amazing professionals in the field, they have taken the necessary baby steps towards overcoming these challenges and busting through their negative self-talk. Nina is a full-time hormones and anxiety coach, while Liz works full-time in marketing and is currently getting her coaching certificate in intuitive eating. They can’t wait to share their story and all they have have learned along the way with you!

Things we talk about in todays episode:

  • How to pivot in the entrepreneurial space

  • What it’s like starting a business with your best friend

  • The difference between spirituality and religion

  • My first time reiki experience tell all

  • Using the strategic and intuitive parts of our brain

  • The link between music/creativity and entrepreneurship

  • The details of their Empowered Voice event


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The event:


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Episode #52: How Entrepreneurship Helped Me Discover my MF Purpose in Life



“You can do any job for the rest of your life. But if you are not happy. If you are not fueled in your relationships. If you are not feeling like a health, happy and alive version of yourself, what is the f*cking point?”

This is a long time coming request for an episode that I’m SO freaking excited to share with you all. So many of you ask me how I started my business, had the courage to quit my day jobs and dive into entrepreneurship and how I make it work.

So today, I dish.

The good, the bad, the unexpected and all the in betweens.

‘Cause the entrepreneur life is a MF rollercoaster. It has opened up so many incredible doors for my life and I could not imagine living my life any other way now that I’m in it, but there were years when I thought it for sure wasn’t for me (and still days where I just wanna throw my hands up in the air and go f*ck it, I’m done).

But the honest truth of it is? This path has helped me uncover my purpose in life and today, I share my story and the jumping off pieces that you can use in your own life to figure out WTF your purpose (or multiple purposes? plural? who knows?) are on this planet.

You ready? Here we go.