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Episode #57: Why Celery Juice is a Load of Bullshit | A Solo Episode



For the longest time, food consumed my life. I was OBSESSED with every diet trend — the celery juice craze y’all are sooooo in love with? I would have 100% been on that train a few years back.

I had convinced that the only way that I could be “healthy” was to eat bird food and rock every diet trend in sight (which caused my mental health and bank account to suffer REAL quick), and eating quickly became my least favourite activity because it truly controlled my life.

Not to mention it led to years of yo yo-ing like crazy.

Why I’m so AGAINST the trendy diets and health hacks like celery juice? They more often than not ‘cause our bodies to go into distress and lead to the inverse of our intentions: OVEREATING.

Do you struggle with this too? You are SO not alone.

Now I am NOT saying this is true for everyone on the planet. We ALLLLL have different needs and triggers. But I know my gals, my overachieving all or nothing, yo yo dieter babes. If you’re not that and don’t struggle with this shiz, move on sistah ;) But if this resonates hard core, this episode is for YOU.

Things I tackle in todays episode:

  • How this trend has become so huge without any science backing it up

  • How this craze reflects a lack in critical thinking happening in society

  • The power of the placebo effect

  • My own history overcoming chronic eczema

  • Debunking the myth of this craze

Episode #8: Eating disorders, the path to recovery & self compassion with Rini Frey



" It all started with a cleanse for propelled me into this whole dieting world. I went raw vegan for a while and this is what I consider my anorexic phase. I was eating nothing but raw vegetables and cold soups. I was so malnourished and I held onto that for over a year."

Rini Frey is a fitness instructor, TRX trainer and Eating Disorder Recovery online coach, in addition to being a wife and a momma to her Boston Terrier Bruce. She believe that all bodies are beautiful and deserve to be labeled as fit. Being fit and healthy is a feeling more so than a look and she is beyond excited to be part of the body positive movement.

Her entire adult life was plagued by various eating disorders and now that she is recovered, she's made it her mission to help women embrace their bodies as they are. To focus on what their bodies are capable of, instead of what they look like. 

Here are a few things we discussed in today’s episode:

  • Her journey battling anorexia and bulimia
  • How she started her recovery process and the specific habits she had to break
  • Why she was afraid of eating carrots
  • Her favorite small daily actions that help her feel at home in her body
  • What to say to/do with your inner mean girl
  • Why overexercise can shut down your natural hormonal patterns
  • Her thoughts on the body positivity movement
  • Why I went gluten free
  • Intuitive eating -- how does it work? Is it right for you? 


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Mastering your mean girl

Rini's instagram // website 

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