Episode #46: Gut Health Matters: Heal Your Anxiety Naturally, Live Happier & Feel Your MF Best | A Solo Episode



“The food you’re ingesting and is being absorbed by the gut directly impacts your mental health/anxiety in profound ways.”


Two things so many of us struggle with on the daily (I know I’m raising my hands), but they’re treated as SEPARATE issues.

The reality?

The two are SO freaking linked and nobody EVER talks about it. I know I have personally struggled with anxiety for YEARS and it was something that perpetuated my binge eating. I would feel anxiety coming on and I’d turn to pints of Ben & Jerry’s and all the MF chips and dips this gal could stuff in her face to numb my feelings, only to make my anxiety worse...

And the cycle continued.

Can you relate?

Maybe you struggle with both. Maybe you are living with anxiety and it’s taking over your life and you feel constantly overwhelmed, exhausted and burnt out. Maybe you’ve tried every diet under the sun and are TIRED of feeling like food is controlling you and you just want to be able to FEEL ENERGIZED and HEALTHY. 

Well, YOU CAN. And it starts here.

Here are a few things I touch on in todays episode:

  • The 5 major symptoms you might have that can tell you if you’re gut is healthy

  • What healthy poops look like

  • The path out of brain fog/exhaustion

  • How I healed my eczema

  • How to overhaul your gut in just 3 days

  • 3 simple steps to support your gut health you can implement today

Episode #22: Q&A: Morning routine practices, Nutrition, Values systems and more | A Solo Episode



"I was always trying to be this perfect, in the box, version of myself. And I wasn't exploring and breaking beyond those barriers, and allowing myself to dig deep as I have in the past few years."

Today's episode is super special to me for a few reasons.

For one, I have one of the most important people in my life on the podcast. I had the joy of getting to travel back to Canada for my 10 year high school reunion in June (does anyone else feel like time flies by SO quickly?) and three of my best girlfriends from all areas of the world and I spent the weekend at my lake cottage to start the bon voyage to the boobs celebrations.

It was such a magical weekend filled with love, laughter, goofy shiz and I had the honor of having my oldest friend, Caroline, flip the script and interview ME for this edition of our Solo episode series.

Caroline and I have known each other for over 15 years and while we have taken super different paths in life, she is hands down the person who knows me better than anyone -- so it felt only natural to have her on the podcast!

It's also super special because I chat about a lot of topics that I've never shared about on the podcast before, specifically my journey through high school and where I'm currently at with my nutrition and mindset.

Here are a few things we cover in today's episode:

  • Morning routines
  • Some of my must reads and how I choose my personal development books
  • How to ride the waves of life
  • My top 3 personal values at the moment
  • My personal mindset around nutrition and what I think of the trendy diets right now
  • How I healed my eczema
  • The high school me and how it impacted who I am today
  • Breaking free of the "box" and the bucket list life  
  • My dream guest to have on the pod