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Episode #46: Gut Health Matters: Heal Your Anxiety Naturally, Live Happier & Feel Your MF Best | A Solo Episode



“The food you’re ingesting and is being absorbed by the gut directly impacts your mental health/anxiety in profound ways.”


Two things so many of us struggle with on the daily (I know I’m raising my hands), but they’re treated as SEPARATE issues.

The reality?

The two are SO freaking linked and nobody EVER talks about it. I know I have personally struggled with anxiety for YEARS and it was something that perpetuated my binge eating. I would feel anxiety coming on and I’d turn to pints of Ben & Jerry’s and all the MF chips and dips this gal could stuff in her face to numb my feelings, only to make my anxiety worse...

And the cycle continued.

Can you relate?

Maybe you struggle with both. Maybe you are living with anxiety and it’s taking over your life and you feel constantly overwhelmed, exhausted and burnt out. Maybe you’ve tried every diet under the sun and are TIRED of feeling like food is controlling you and you just want to be able to FEEL ENERGIZED and HEALTHY. 

Well, YOU CAN. And it starts here.

Here are a few things I touch on in todays episode:

  • The 5 major symptoms you might have that can tell you if you’re gut is healthy

  • What healthy poops look like

  • The path out of brain fog/exhaustion

  • How I healed my eczema

  • How to overhaul your gut in just 3 days

  • 3 simple steps to support your gut health you can implement today

Episode #15: Healing your hormones and saying what's on your mind with Jess from Wholly Healed



"80% of hormone and thyroid issues could be solved with feeding your body well and lowering stress."

Jess is a Certified Eating Psychology Coach specializing in Functional Endocrinology and Mind/Body Nutrition. She empowers women in their quest to wholeness through healing solutions rooted in Integrative Care. You'll often find her lifting heavy things in the gym, trying to pet stranger's dogs, or writing some sass-filled #hormonehacks or #tabootuesday's on Instagram. She is passionate about helping women heal their hormones, break free of restrictive dieting, and feel at home in their bodies.

Here are a few things we discussed in today’s episode:

  • Her journey from yo yo dieting to wholistic health and self love
  • She breaks it down with her science knowledge bombs and shares not just WHAT to do but WHY it's important to support our overall health
  • Her experience with hypothyroidism, what it is and why 1 in 3 women have it
  • The importance of advocating for yourself and your health
  • Which programs/diets to stay away from when it comes to women's health
  • The best foods to eat to heal your hormones and your gut
  • Taboo tuesdays and getting nitty gritty with the "uncomfortable" 
  • 3 simple steps you can take to heal your hormones right away


Jess's Website / Blog / Instagram 

Busy Babe's Guide to Healthy Living Ebook

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