Episode #60: The Secret Sauce to Living an Authentic Life | A Solo Episode


When you think of your values, what comes to mind?

I know this word gets thrown around, especially in the personal development space but I believe there is SO much unspoken and unsaid in the power of uncovering our true values and living into them.

And today, I tackle how to truly get clear on what your values are so you can show up accordingly in all aspects of your life.

Things I cover on todays episode:

  • My personal struggle with figuring out what my true values are

  • Your first step in uncovering your values system

  • Finding your two words

  • How to move from a place of authenticity

  • Mini workshop that allows you to get crystal clear on how to actually show up the way you desire

Episode #29: LYFYL Pep Talk Series | The True Path to Success


For the longest time, I felt like I needed to be "successful" to be worthy. And thus, to be HAPPY.

This week has been a bit surreal for me — I’ve come back from a trip that was breathtakingly beautiful and adventure filled, to getting this incredible book in the mail that I had the honor of being a contributor for.

And I had a moment of imposter syndrome. Of “who am I to be able to have a life like this?” Where my job allows me to travel and work from wherever and the connections I’ve made have led me to be able to share my story and heart in ways I never imagined possible, like having my work published. 

And all of the “reasons” to feel worthy that I used to feel like I needed to be “successful” were staring me straight in the face but instead, I felt like a total FAKE.

I dive into this moment and so much more on today's episode of the pod! 

Episode #26: LYFYL Pep Talk Series | The Power of Positivity



"Joy is about showing up for myself and rising to my full potential." 

Today's episode is the first episode of the special Live Your FYES Life pep talk series and I'm SO excited to bring this conversation to your earbuds.

Happiness and Positivity are two things that seem to be so freaking tough to maintain -- and I believe it's because we've been programmed to look at it all wrong.

Instead of experiencing joy BECAUSE of external factors (such as job successes, weight loss goals, an amazing relationship etc.) what if we flipped the switch and CREATED our own joy every day that in turn naturally led to success in our lives?

I dive into this and my top 5 ways for creating happiness in today's episode.