“My biggest takeaway is that I need the community behind me. It's easy to make excuses and get tired and filter out. Because I knew I had other women doing it with me and working really hard, it kept me working really hard! After getting all the junk out of my system, I think clearly and have less no headaches. I've set my mind on my goals and really been intentional to stay positive.

I would ABSOLUTELY suggest the Live Your F*ck YES Life Challenge -- especially to super busy people with weird schedules who don't have time to workout or spend time cooking during the week. I've spent way less money on groceries and the workouts go by so fast. Also, I feel this program is for people who feel like it'll just never happen. It encourages a gradual process..there are no quick fixes!!!" 





"If it wasn't for this team and these programs, I'd still be on my couch sobbing, sure that this was it for me. I was destined to be overweight and unhappy forever. Instead for the first time in three years, despite my ups and downs, I am getting stronger and healthier every day."




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I cannot share enough about Amanda as a health and fitness coach and her groups. She has been a fucking game changer for me! I could never stick to anything: any nutrition or exercise routine would last a week or two and fall away. These groups keep me accountable, and these women inspire me to make the effort and show up for myself EVERY. DANG. DAY. Amanda is the perfect balance of realism with tough love. She recognizes that some days aren’t going to be great; life is going to happen and we’re not going to make the best choices. But, she also doesn’t let you fall by the wayside or get away with bullshit excuses. She gets super vulnerable, shares advice, and is SUCH a light. She inspires me every day. I started her challenge groups about six months ago. In that time, I have lost 35 pounds and 43 inches total. I’m floored! More than that, I feel stronger, more confident, and more comfortable in my own skin. Amanda is a gem, and I'm so grateful I hired her. 


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"Amanda has been so supportive in every small step that I have made in my health and fitness journey. Any TINY accomplishment that I have has been met with an immense amount of enthusiasm and positivity. She has created an amazing community where we can be real and share our struggles and our triumphs. Even if we’re complaining, she always puts a positive spin on it. 

I have grown so much since I started working with her It’s been incredible. Even my coworkers and clients have noticed the changes in my attitude and outlook. The fitness motivation has been phenomenal, but my emotional shift is what I’m most thankful for. I’m strong. I’m confident. I’m learning how to share my journey to help others grow on their journey.

I couldn’t have done ANY of this without Amanda. Words can’t express the amount of gratitude that I have for everything that she has done for me. She's helped me grow in ways that I never knew were possible."


Are you ready to transform from the inside out?!