Are you ready to ditch the diet, find JOY in fitness &

feel SEXY AF from the inside out?


Hey, Girl, hey! I'm Amanda.

Your no BS coach health & fitness coach and soul sistah



When it comes to my health and wellness journey, it's been a bumpy ride to say the least. I'm the girl that tried everything under the sun. The epitome of a yo yo dieter.

I spent years thinking the only way I could feel happy was if I got skinny, and that the path to get there was to eliminate carbs and become a cardio junkie. I was exhausted and unhappy. 

Now, I eat to fuel my body.

I exercise because it makes me feel vibrant and strong and it keeps my anxiety at bay.

And most of all, I've broken free from the restrictive dieting, over-exercising and emotional eating cycle.


And as soon as I realized I wasn't alone in my journey of finding the JOY in healthy living, I knew I had to pay it forward -- and that's when I became a health & wellness coach.

You can learn more about my health & wellness coaching here and my mentorship coaching program here!




I want to help you break free of your emotional eating habits.

I want to help you really love yourself, no matter what the scale says.

I want you to feel confident, strong, energized and full of freaking joy.

I want to help you find JOY in fitness, and stay consistent in your journey once and for all.

I want to empower you to say YES to feeling amazeballs from the inside out.


I want you to live your f*ck yes life.



And I'm committed to giving you the tools and the love and support (and occasional kick in the pants!) you need to finally say yes to all the things that you know will make your life so freaking bright. 


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I Believe...

  • your gut is your biggest asset in life -- trust it.
  • laughter is the best medicine.
  • you learn from your mistakes --  so fail, and fail hard.
  • moving your body and eating well should feel AMAZING, not like a punishment.
  • when we decide to pursue our dreams and embrace who we really are, everything falls into place in a beautiful, indescribable way. 

Things I Love: 

singing at the top of my lungs

snuggles with my pup toby

a big ol' cup of tea 

the dollar section at target

big cozy blankets

the harry potter series 

laughing so hard my stomach hurts


I Value

  • authenticity
  • boldness
  • connection
  • courage
  • creativity
  • freedom
  • joy
  • inspiration