Meal prep

Busy Babe's Guide to Meal Prep

Let me guess.

You're two weeks into the new year and you are already starting to see your nutrition.

You had SUCH GOOD INTENTIONS to making this year your healthiest year yet. Losing those last 5-10 lbs. Feeling energized, amazing -- you were gonna SLAYYYYYYYYYY 2017.

But then life happened. And you got busy. And it's cold. And pizza.... I get it. I really do. I was right there with you.

But this year has been different.

For the first time in my adult life, I have come into the new year HAPPY, HEALTHY and so freaking energized. I'm rocking out my goals and feeling like a whole new woman -- and you wanna know why?


I know, I know, this may seem RIDICULOUS. That such a little thing could cause such a major shift. I thought it was ridiculous too! (probably why I didn't actually implement it for so long), but holy shitake mushrooms it has been the number one game changer for my health. 

So here are my top 10 meal prep tips for Busy babes just like you...

1. Have a PLAN

Make a list of your favorite healthy foods, choose simple (and delicious -- duhh) recipes that can be made quickly [Need some ideas? Click here to grab your Free Recipe E-book] and decide what you'll eat for every snack and meal. 

2. Stick to your Grocery List

"Fail to plan, fail to succeed" -- that's my motto when it comes to food shopping. I go into the grocery store with a PLAN. No throwing in those Reese's cups or your favorite chips into the cart -- if you don't have it in the house means you are setting yourself up for success! (PSA: if there is chocolate in the house I WILL EAT IT. haha My hubby knows.) So stick to your list. And hopefully, if you're following a meal plan that promotes balance, your list will have some treats here and there anyways ;)

3. Keep snacks simple

When you're gearing up to make food for the week, it's best to keep snacks simple. Save time by choosing snacks that don't require a lot of time to put together -- my go tos? Fresh fruit with some peanut butter, hard boiled eggs, Shakeology and carrots and hummus! All DELICIOUS!

4. Look for shortcuts

Pre-chopped veggies & fruit (or just fruits that don't need chopping! I love me some apples and bananas), cooked lentils/garbanzo beans are a great complex carb to add to a meal and come ready to rock and tuna packets (in water) are a personal favorite of mine for a quick and easy protein option to throw on a salad or mix in with some avocado :) 

5. Cook everything all at once!

I spend about an hour a week on meal prep and you know how? Because I do it all at once! Roasting veggies, sweet potatoes and even chicken breasts can happen all at the same time -- which not only saves you time but also cuts down your utility bill ;) You know I've got your back.

6. Batch it out!

And better yet? Make big ol' batches of everything so you have plenty of healthy options on hand. Make a large batch of quinoa or brown rice (or whatever whole grain you loooove!) and bake a bunch of chicken breasts/lean meat/ground turkey at once, chop them up and keep them in the fridge for salads and dinners.

7. Pack your meals

Schedule time in your evening to pack your lunch and all of the meals you need for the next day! That way you aren't feeling rushed in the morning // inclined to just "go out to eat since it's easier"

8. Mix it up

I was so worried when I started meal prepping that it would mean eating the same, boring thing every day -- but it doesn't have to be like that! Give yourself OPTIONS throughout the week so that you can mix it up when you're feeling like it! I recommend having at least 2 lunch and dinner options. Start small and make simple changes (like swapping out your protein for dinner!) and once you get the hang of it, you can get more creative in the kitchen.

9. Crockpot that shit

If there's one kitchen appliance I cannot recommend enough, it's my crockpot. It is a lifesaver for busy babes like me and is GREAT for leftovers :) Here's one of my fave recipes from my girl Laura!

10. Remember WHY this is important to you

All of this meal prep -- it's not to make your life HARDER, it's to help you reach your health and fitness goals. To be less tempted to stop for fast food or order takeout. To have MORE TIME to do the things you love with the people that matter to you than spending your evenings cooking away. If you get clear on WHY healthy living is something that is important to you -- on how you WANT to feel, you will be more inclined to keep this meal prep game up -- and give you even more time to Push play and rock your workout ;)

What's YOUR why? Your biggest struggle when it comes to meal prep? I'd love to hear/guide you in the right direction! Share in the comments below or Contact me :) I'm always here for you!

Xo Amanda

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