Find your Tribe, Love them hard

I am bursting with Joy from every single ounce of me.  

I've been seriously trying to write this post all day, but you know when your heart is SO FULL and you have SO MUCH TO SAY that it feels impossible to say anything at all? That's where I'm at. But I'm gonna give it a go anyhooo because I just can't hold any of this in anymore. (Ha! Dorkazoraus. Deal with it!)

This past week, I got to spend time with some of the amazing gals on my Coaching team, Team Inspire Joy, at Beachbody's annual convention in Nashville. Most of these gals are ladies I'd never actually met in person (although we have weekly conference calls -- aka live video chats with wine -- yup, being a Girlboss is kinda the but from the minute I bear hugged them and we had our first night in our house, it felt like I'd known them forever.  

For a little less than a year now, I've been pursuing a dream that I never imagined I would ever see come to fruition -- a vision that I always KNEW was possible but for so long never had the COURAGE to say "Yes I can" and fucking go for it. I always thought that being a health & fitness coach would be an amazing career path. I'm an actor, and while I am sooo blessed to be working as an actor in the city of Chicago, it's the unglamorous but sad truth that I need a day job (or many) in order to pay my bills. When I graduated school, I found whatever job I could get. I worked at call centres, found nanny gigs, dog walked, taught theatre classes, gave Segway tour guides -- you name it, I did it. And most of the time, I had 5 day jobs going at once, and it was EXHAUSTING.

And the worst part? I wasn't happy.

Enter the amazing Anna Locke -- the gal I stalked from afar for too long (she blogged OK?!? It's okay to stalk a blogger....haha) and the gal who had all the things I wanted (aka the freedom to be her own boss and live a LIFE BY DESIGN). After months of knowing her from afar and meeting her a couple of times in group settings, I finally had the courage to talk to her.

I NEEDED A CHANGE. I wanted to Be more. Do more. But I was scared shitless. Sound familiar?

I've been super transparent about my issues with feeling enough -- ahhhh that word -- you feel that way too?

Never good enough? Pretty enough? Smart enough? Capable enough? 

It's something soo many of the ladies that I work with deal with (and girl, it's still something I still deal with), but here's the thing I've learned -- if we let this FEAR hold us back, we will never be able to access our BEST SELVES.

Is it scary to jump? Hell yes. It's curl up into a ball-ahhh-what-if-i-fail-my-heart-is-going-to-explode feeling. But isn't it SO much better to FEEL THE FEAR and do it anyways than to just float on by with the status quo and never realize your TRUE POTENTIAL? I say FUCK YES.

In fact, I am living a FUCK YES LIFE every single goddamn day because I faced my motha-fucking-fear and said YES to putting myself first. To a life of FREEDOM, LIGHT and COMMUNITY.

I'm not gonna lie, it was not an easy decision for me to make. I had seeerious reservations about Beachbody and wanted to be pursuing something that felt 100% authentic to me. Because, here's the thing, with me? What you see is what you get? I will tell it to you straight. I'm honest to a fault and I value INTEGRITY. So I did my research and I took the leap of faith, still honestly terrified.

And you know what happened? All those fears went away.

And going to Nashville confirmed EVERYTHING for me. THIS is where I'm supposed to be. Surrounded by a community of likeminded gals who just GET ME. Getting to be my own freaking CEO and live life on my terms. And above all, getting to help other women find their FUCK YES lives too. Because we all deserve to do more than just dream -- we deserve to be LIVING OUR DREAMS. And to be happy and healthy from the inside out. 

And now? Now I'm not crying at night because I'm tired. Exhausted. Burnt out. And I'm just trying to get through the day.

Now? I'm crying happy tears because I am just so dang grateful.

**and there I go, being a blubbering mess AGAIN **

Ok, ok, get it together Amanda. Your people need you!!!!!

All of this is to say: You know that saying "Find Your Tribe, Love them Hard"? Well, there's a reason it's in the universe because it is SO key. Because the second you surround yourself with gals who are just like you -- who you don't have to explain yourself to because they get it -- who will dance with you in the aisles of a conference centre because that's just how you do -- who you can spend HOURS laughing with -- gals who RAISE YOU UP and constantly inspire you to be the BEST & BRIGHTEST version of you? There is nothing better in this world.

So find your tribe.

And don't be afraid to LEAP. You deserve to feel this amazing.

And if you've been watching me from afar and keep thinking to yourself, "Damn, these are my kind of girls" or "I just want MORE with my life" -- then this is your sign. I double dog dare you to face your fears and message me, The worst thing that happens? You say YES to opening a door to your best life and your best self. 

You are so loved. And you are so shiny & bright.

Xo Love love love, Amanda