Episode #37: The Truth About Anxiety with Rachel Wright



If it’s impairing your life and hurting you, it’s enough.

Psychotherapist and Therapeutic Relationship Coach, Rachel Wright is recognized as one of the freshest voices on modern and millennial relationships. She is the co-founder of Wright Wellness Center where, together with her husband and team, she is on a mission to help people have better sex, relationships, and mental health, through a growing catalog of masterclasses, online programs, resources, and a supportive online community. She’s been referred to as someone “bridging the gap between a self-help book and a therapist’s couch.” Rachel is also a sex educator, speaker, and writer, and the co-host of the popular WWC Podcast, that hosts a weekly discussion about the things that matter in life and aren’t talked about enough. She has been featured widely in the media, including Women’s Health, PsychologyToday, MindBodyGreen, Bustle, and dozens of other outlets.

Things we discuss in today’s episode:

  • How to identify anxiety in your day to day life

  • The full story of when she had a panic attack on her wedding day

  • The rampant should-ing all over ourselves we do

  • My own journey with anxiety and something I’ve never shared on the pod before

  • The differences between anxiety and stress

  • The physiological signs of anxiety

  • Anxiety attacks vs. panic attacks (and how they greatly differ)

  • How to thrive alongside anxiety and create a self care plan of action

  • The beauty of curiosity

  • How to navigate anxiety that’s been brought on by trauma


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