Episode #5: Embracing the woo and the power of human design with Jenna Zoe

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" As we're born, we get exposed to so much conditioning that tells us to be anything other than what we are...and it veers us off our path. So really, what it does is that it veers us off our path. So, with human design, the journey to becoming our highest self is not really so much of a becoming but an unbecoming -- because as soon as you take off the resistance wheels, which is all the conditioning you're still holding onto, you naturally bob up into being your highest self without very much effort."

Jenna Zoe is a London and LA based human design reader. She first came across Human Design when I had my own chart done by a shaman and was so shocked at how accurate it was. She felt pulled to learn more about how and why this new technology has so much truth to share and her own reading was like having a mirror held up to her soul and for the first time. She felt reconnected to the person who she had always hoped she was, underneath all the layers of social conditioning and ego mind. In learning the technical aspect of reading a chart, she discovered she was able to channel messages and receive intuitive downloads for people through Human Design, which is when she felt called to make it her craft.

Here are a few things we discussed in today’s episode:

  • Her journey from atheist to spiritual leader in the field of human design
  • Her resistance to releasing her food business and stepping in full time to human design readings
  • What the hell human design even is and the history of it all
  • She leads me through my own human design reading and shares how you can start your journey online
  • I am a manifesting generator, and she dives into what that means globally and digs in so beautifully on how this relates to my life specifically
  • Spoiler alert: it's so freaking spot on and I may cry on the pod. 


Jenna's website // schedule a human design reading with her

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