Episode #6: Facing Fear Head On | Solo Episode



"Some days you feel on top of the world and some days you feel like a hot a** mess. And sometimes you go through something in your life that completely knocks you off your feet -- in amazing ways and in terrifying ways -- and I'm facing the latter right now." 

This is the last thing I thought I'd be sharing with you on the podcast today.

On February 6th, 2018, two days after my 27th birthday, I got a call that changed everything. That shook me to my core and has left me processing and spinning and navigating this new found identity.

I almost didn't share this. 

But it's my mission to be transparent AF and share the mess and goddamn if this is not the messiest thing in my own life right now.

And I hope it brings some light to yours. That you feel just a little less alone. And that if you're going through something like this or know someone in your life that is, that this gives you the strength to know that whatever you are facing, you are STRONG enough to navigate it.

Feel the feels, take action and show up for your goddamn life.

Here are a few things I touch on in todays episode:

  • Why I'm in the midst of another "quarter life crisis"
  • The power of your gut
  • Why I chose the word UNAPOLOGETIC for 2018
  • The fear I'm facing every single freaking day
  • The power of a shower sob fest
  • Choosing to be a warrior, not a worrier