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Episode #61: Plant medicine, energy healing and living in high vibe bliss with Lindsay Schroeder


Lindsay is a Spiritual Wellness & Mindset Coach. She helps soulpreneurs & spiritual boss babes develop their intuition, connect with their divine feminine & up-level their life. She is a lightworker, Reiki Master, intuitive healer, & she is a passionate Divine Feminine practitioner.

 Her comprehensive approach to spiritual connection includes coaching, mindset, lunar phases, embodiment, busting limiting beliefs, manifestation, EFT, NLP, crystal therapy, energy healing practices, meditation, rituals, & much more.

Her work focuses on developing the intuition - she gives women an experience when they work with her, but she also provides them with the tools to continuously develop their intuition & use their skills daily.

She works with women on connecting to their Divine Feminine - that soft, feeling, juicy feminine aspect. She teaches an opening to our divine magnetic nature as women, a willingness to receive. She is committed to up-levels and elevating your vibration. Her results include increased happiness, self love, abundance, and a more fulfilling life.

She was called to this work because she's spent years healing her own self. In healing her own life she found that she longed to share this great work. She is passionate about helping women become the conscious creators of a life they truly desire.

Things we talk about on todays episode:

  • Masculine vs. feminine energy and finding the divine balance within ourselves

  • How to get out of our heads and into our hearts

  • The Chakra system & energy healing

  • Why the term high vibe exists and how to access high vibrations on the daily

  • Ayahuasca and her personal experience with it

  • The subconscious, trauma and healing


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Episode #13: Embracing your feminine energy with Maddy Moon



"I've made the conscious decision to not ask for permission to have the life I have."

Madelyn Moon is an author, podcast host, retreat leader and transformational life coach. She is a guiding force for women who want to stop over-thinking their lives away and live with more trust, intuition and flow.

Maddy Moon was driven by perfectionist energy for most of her life, which led her down a dangerous path. Always striving to do more, be more and accomplish more, she found herself disconnected from her body with multiple disordered eating patterns, a restlessness and a lack of confidence.

Maddy healed her heart, spirit, body and mind by stepping into her unique feminine essence, giving up the need for control and learning to surrender to a higher power.

Maddy takes life by the reigns today by leading thousands of women across the world through their own transformational experiences via her podcast, her website, and her global retreats.

Her work and story has been featured in The Huffington Post, Teen Vogue, Nylon Magazine, The Daily Mail, Vice, Greatist, Men’s Health, PEOPLE and ABC News Nightline.

Here are a few things we discussed in today’s episode:

  • Her past life as a body builder
  • Her journey from living a life of rigidity and perfectionism to living in flow (and what the heck that means)
  • The differences between masculine and feminine energy
  • How to know what energy you're lacking in your own life and how to create space for the things you need more of
  • How to tap into our intuition
  • A major realization I had about myself
  • Her journey with vedic meditation
  • Her hobbit name



Maddy's Website / Podcast / Instagram

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Episode #10: Finding Strength in Unexpected Places | Solo Episode



" There is so much power in sharing the mess along the way too because hello - we are messy humans. We are not this picture perfect wrapped in a present version of ourselves. We are constantly going through it and if we don't believe that there is strength in that, then how can other people feel that it's ok to not have their shit together too?"

When you hear the word strength, what images come up for you?

For so many years, my concept of what it meant to be strong was so skewed, and it wasn't until super recently that everything shifted for me. 

Here are a few things I touch on in todays episode:

  • My plans for the long weekend
  • Our definitions of strength as a society
  • Physical strength and why it's so important to me
  • The summer of 2014, aka the summer of "weakness"
  • The saga of not enoughness
  • Social media & its influence on our perceptions of what it means to be strong
  • The power of vulnerability
  • The lightbulb moment I had last week