Episode #54: Mastering Your Money Mindset | How I Went from $1.5 K Months to $7K Months in my Business


Do you cringe every time you think about money?

Struggle with anxiety when you look at your bank account?

Constantly feel “broke” and like you’re living paycheck to paycheck?

I feel ya sister, because I was right there with you. And today I deep dive into my money story, how I spent years paralyzed by my beliefs and feelings around money, and how by shifting my mindset around money, I’ve been able 5x my income in a the last year because of a set of simple SHIFTS.

Things I dive into in today’s episode:

  • My past working 7 part time jobs and endlessly feeling broke as a joke

  • The struggling actor mentality

  • My journey from hustle to flow

  • The 3 big shifts that really changed the game for me

Episode #40: Breaking free of your money blocks and the smart way to save with Alli Owen



“Money can buy you so much freedom,

and it’s really important to align your spendings to your values.”

Alli Owen is a recovering engineer and overachiever, learning to live her truth every single day. Lately, it looks like helping other people align their finances to their values so they can have more freedom in their life.

Things we discuss in today’s episode:

  • Why so many of us feel the need to live up to society’s expectations instead of following their truth

  • Making 100k a year doesn’t necessarily equate happiness

  • How she and her husband quit their jobs to travel the world

  • How to know the next steps to take in your life when you’re unhappy with where you’re at

  • How to save for retirement/getting out of debt NOW

  • The FIRE movement

  • How she went from spending all the money she earned to saving 70% of what she’s making

  • Optimizing your expenses to maximize your happiness and buy your freedom

  • The #1 question you can ask yourself to launch yourself into a positive money mindset

  • Living in a van for 6 months

  • Where to start with your finances and actually make headway in a tangible way


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