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Episode #67: LYFYL Pep Talk Series | How Morning Rituals Can Transform Your Life


To kick off this month’s edition of our LYFYL Pep Talk Series, I’m sharing with you my current morning ritual system that has been changing the GAME for my mindset, anxiety, health, self care, business, relationships and beyond.

This month, I’ll be sharing tangible actionable tools to be able to implement in your life that will allow you to show up for your life with a shit ton more intention and get you one step closer to truly living your f*ck yes life.

And that starts with the foundation of my day and what I teach all of my clients: fostering a morning ritual that FUELS YOUR MF SOUL.

Let’s do the damn thing.


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Episode #66: I Cried on Today's Episode {Life Updates, Navigating my Sexuality, How I lost 10 lbs and beyond}


Happy start to season 3 of the podcast!!

It’s fucking hard to believe we’re already 3 seasons in — can you believe it?

Before I deep dove into all the juicy content coming your way, so many of you have been asking for a life update on what’s been going on with me the past few months so, in true FUCK YES form, your wish is my command.

Spoiler alert: I get super emotional on today’s episode.

Welcome to the mess, the shifts, the joy and all the in-between!

Things I cover in today’s episode:

  • Why I took a break from the podcast

  • The updates around my sexuality and navigating all of that

  • The specific hormonal shifts I made to help me lose 10 lbs and shift my hormonal weight gain post double mastectomy

  • Adventures I had in the break

  • What my soul sistah human is — are you her?

  • My huge shifts in my business and finances