Live your FYES Life pep talk series

Episode #28: LYFYL Pep Talk Series | The One Thing You Need To Find Your Purpose and Path in Life


The one thing we're all searching for, right?

How to find your MF FREAKING PURPOSE.

I spent years trying to figure it out and I can say unequivocally that this one thing is THE MISSING LINK to actually knowing what it is.

How can you listen to this more in YOUR life?

Episode #27: LYFYL Pep Talk Series | Becoming a Consistency Queen on your health & fitness journey


"How do you have so much energy?"

"You're so consistent - how do you stay motivated?"

I get questions like this into my inbox all the time and why I've decided to dedicated an episode of this series to this very topic.

The truth? I find it so ironic that this is my most requested topic because 3 years ago, I was the FARTHEST thing from consistent, especially on my health & fitness journey.

And I've spent the past few years accumulating tools and resources to be able to create motivation and consistency in my journey that has allowed me to find the energy and confidence I have today.

And I'm excited to share these tools with you so you can get there in YOUR journey too!

In today's episode, some of the things we discuss are:

  • What it actually means to be consistent on your health & wellness journey
  • How to show up as your most confident self
  • The truth about motivation
  • And so much more!

Episode #26: LYFYL Pep Talk Series | The Power of Positivity



"Joy is about showing up for myself and rising to my full potential." 

Today's episode is the first episode of the special Live Your FYES Life pep talk series and I'm SO excited to bring this conversation to your earbuds.

Happiness and Positivity are two things that seem to be so freaking tough to maintain -- and I believe it's because we've been programmed to look at it all wrong.

Instead of experiencing joy BECAUSE of external factors (such as job successes, weight loss goals, an amazing relationship etc.) what if we flipped the switch and CREATED our own joy every day that in turn naturally led to success in our lives?

I dive into this and my top 5 ways for creating happiness in today's episode.